I didn’t realize how long since I last posted!

A lot has happened since the last post. I’ve moved to a new house, and the laser filter system that I bought has completely failed to do the job!

I have someone coming this week to plan out a venting system, but meanwhile I’m working in a filter mask. Since I have to keep to door closed to prevent the gases from getting to other places in my house, the temperature in the room gets very, very high.

A success story is the water chiller. Best accessory ever. It also outputs a lot of heat, though.

I’m severely backlogged on orders, I think I’m up to ones placed in the first week in July. I hope to get up to date by GenCon.

The Kickstarter rewards are going out slowly, but now comes the hard part, all the custom orders.



I have been working on the beam cutter far longer than I should have. I gave up hope, regained hope, designed my own laser targetting system (which worked, by the way), and then finally got it somewhat working. I have to have every light source in the area out so that I can see the dot, but see it I can.

I will let my picture speak the rest of this entry.

Got some new toys, here are pictures:

The beam combiner arrived. Such a small thing, but it should make my life easier.

Setting up the laser pointer part:

and the lens part

and aligning it… and more… and more… and more… OK, this thing takes a long time to align, but finally:

You can’t see it very well, but there are a lot of tiny laser burnt dots on that paper. The problem is the dot and the laser pointer are a *tiny* bit away from each other. I should be able to make do, but I sent a ticket in to Full Spectrum. As far as I can tell they take the same path, so the beams should be spot on unless the focus is off. But when I change the focus, the relative positions don’t change. So I was wondering if the difference in wavelengths means that there is a different index of refraction, which causes the two beams to be out of alignment. If they aren’t sick of me they will probably get back to me Monday.

“What else arrived,” you ask?


While it is true that only one person ordered dice via the Kickstart, I know if I can make them cheaply, I will get business. Note to the person that ordered if you are reading this: if I can make them cheaply, I will add dice to your pledge. If I can’t make them cheaply, I have a lot of counting cubes for my grandchildren someday.

And for those of you who like to see progress:

This is what 140 trays look like before being assembled. Well, the top half at least, there’s only 40 or so bottom parts.

And this is what they look like, ready to ship:

That’s about 6-8 orders there, and a lot of the lid tops. And a few Arkham Horror skill trays.

Back up and running!

The fine people at Full Spectrum got me up and running quickly, and without calling me bad names even once!

I’ve started cutting more Eclipse trays. I’m going to do standard tokens later tonight, then see where I am tomorrow. Luckily, I have plenty of time to still make my Kickstarter delivery goals.

I’m learning about the business side of things. Got a Paypal payment reversed after I delivered the goods, had an overseas shipment disappear in transit. Problems with the new accounts I opened to keep track of expenses.

Luckily, I’m still enjoying the creative side of it!

Grinding to a halt.

Laser got an ouchie. Replacement part is on the way, but it is frustrating.

Luckily I cut about 200 trays before it died, so I can get my pre-KS orders out the door, unless they also had other items. Full Spectrum is usually good about getting me things quickly.

I’m using this time to do some design work for the people that have already sent me specs, and glue trays together. I used to think that I could do that while the laser cut, but after your first job catches on fire, you just sort of stand and stare at it while it cuts.

Kickstarter ending and started work on buildings

The kickstarter campaign is winding down, and I’ve started working on cutting Eclipse trays in every spare moment I can get. Meanwhile, I’ve been thinking and thinking about miniature terrain and buildings, and I finally realized I was thinking too much and I should just cut something and go from there.

I’ve never done hardboard (MDF) before, but sheesh is that stuff tough! Not Jatoba tough, but still quite hard to cut through. I’ve got some work to do before I get the settings right.

Here was my first effort. Everything fit, which shows I’m gaining experience, and the clear acrylic windows have a neat effect.

And there it is. I’m happy with it as a first try. I didn’t adhere to any scale, just working on seeing what I can do.

Enjoy the weekend!



I hit $5000 on my Kickstart campaign today! I’ve started cutting Eclipse trays so that I can get the rewards out faster when the Kickstart ends.

Meanwhile, I am about to add an optional item to the Kickstart. I’ve made card deck trays that hold standard cards. The nice thing about them is that they break down into flat parts for storage.

I’ve made both wood ones…

and acrylic ones…

The wood is a bit tighter than the acrylic, but that is normal.





High Frontier parts

The person who makes the High Frontier sets no longer wishes to do so, and I am now going to be making them.

This set contains the following: 1 x Outpost, 1 x Freighter, 6 Flags, 6 Factories, 6 Glory tokens and 5 Colony discs in 5 colors (red, green, blue, orange, white). The set also includes 30 base discs for the flags and factories.

It is enough to replace all the original discs and cubes in the standard game.

The parts (especially the flags) will be available separately, since I’ve had some questions about that for other games.


Arkham Horror Tray adjustments, Eclipse color lids added to store.

I made some adjustments to the Arkham Horror skill trays. Mostly just reducing the size to match the character cards, but the hole size changed a little as well.

I will be redoing the combo and Lily Chen trays over the next few days

I decided to officially do lids in player colors for the Eclipse trays. Unfortunately they are thicker, and take more time to make, so they cost more.

I’m adding them to the store as soon as I finish this.

You can go directly to the store now via the URL BEKlaser.com